flat out...tasty

Sonny is home so i'm in dinner mode.  i went to check the mail first though so my little guy could get some fresh air.  all i need is a pair of wings and i'd be tinkerbell.

it's here! just what i was looking for. Rachel Ray's mag is so easy to read, colorful, and of course filled with recipes galore.  she seems so down to earth and 'regular'.

 alright, on to dinner. i have left over food from the super bowl party that needs to be used asap.  i realized i left out the flat bread pizza recipe from my Super Bowl post. no worries, here we go:

@ 90 cals per flat bread, it's a pretty nice size serving.  i cut up some fresh mozzarella balls, cilantro, tomatoes,  and some shredded rotisserie chicken.  i needed sauce and didn't want to open up a can or make any from scratch, so i used bbq sauce. oh and i brushed the bread with extra virgin olive oil first, then topped the whole thing with sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper.


just 7 min later in a 400 deg. oven,

dinner is served.

ok i added a lil bit more sauce first then dove in.  finished just in time to catch my show- it's Game time!