back to it

yesterday everything FOOD repulsed me!! although i certainly wouldn't mind, no, it's not what you think.  i'm guessing it was some crazy 24 hour bug because Sonny ate the same things i did the night before.  here's what we had:

sometimes i'll have a log of ground turkey that i have no idea what to do with.  so, i'll brown it up with some onions and shallots and throw in as many vegetables i can find.  i never had a name for it, but i recently read that what i've been making all this time is referred to as ragu. threw it over some pasta, sprinkled it with some cheese and avocado, and called it dinner.

the only thing i had to eat all day friday was the 6in. turkey subway sandwich my hubby brought home for me.  it stayed down, and i'm back to normal today. i took friday off from exercise as well, so i was anxious to get up and get moving this morning.  to the track!

i did one of my two fav running workouts.

'sprint the straights, walk the curves'.  i'm sure you've heard that track jargon before.  this is definitely a workout that a beginner can start with.  no track available?  you can also do this running through your neighborhood and use either a light pole or any  other landmark as your start and end points.  or, you could just could use a stop watch or count the 10, 15, or 20 seconds in your head as you sprint.  3 miles of that (12 laps) and i was toast. beginners, start with 1 mile and add on from there.  with anything, you get out what you put in. so SPRINT!!!  after all, it will be over in a couple of seconds.

Q: which is better, sprinting or long distance running?

totally depends on what your goal is, but for weight loss and/or maintenance, both.  fast or slow, your body will get use to whatever type of exercise you do no matter what. it's important to do a combination of speeds just to shock your body and keep your workouts different and exciting.