Mama Must Have = DockATot

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we are co-sleepers to the max.  Chiso and Dego both left to their own room shortly after age 2, and Kosi is our current resident.    i have loved having all my babies (safely) next to me while we snooze and as a nursing mom it's been the most convenient setup ever.  it's prolly the only way Sonny and i have gotten as much sleep as we have for the past 6 years, haha.  

we attempted the bassinet route for all three of our kiddos and they all hated it (pacifiers too).  i truly wish i had known about DockATots back in 2011 when our first son was born though.  Kosi (3rd babe) is reaping aaaaall these good benefits from the products i'm discovering and didn't know we needed.  lucky girl!


here they come! while the first grader is away, these two play. all day. Kosi is down to one nap per day and Dego is definitely over them at this point (unless we are in the car). 

i selected the DockATot Grand for Kosi (Deluxe 0-8 months, Grand 9-36 months) and proceeded to have the toughest time picking a pattern cause that's just what i do.  sigh. 

i finally chose the Bananas For You pattern from their Fairytale Collection.

girl, go to sleep.  you too, Peppa Pig.

Sonny is not a fan of the DockATot in our bed when we are both in it (@ night time cause #WhatAreNaps), so i only let Kosi cat nap there.  once i finally get her big girl room ready (still working on that............) her DockATot will help her transition to her big girl bed.  she knows it's time to sleep when she sees it and i'm hoping it will become a familiar, comforting place for her, especially after she realizes we aren't there. tear!

if I'm downstairs cooking during her nap time, i grab a blanket to lay down on the wooden floor first.  if I'm upstairs on the carpet, i'll just put the DockATot on the floor or in the nearest bed.  either way, she clearly loves this thing and actually climbs in it to hang out. #ItsWorking

what i love:

1. easy to clean, disassemble & assemble

2. light weight & flexible

3. super cozy and comfy (see below)

4. adorable pattern options

5. breathable

and as many times as i tell Dego to stay out of his sister's DockATot (only 27 times a day) i walked into my room recently and couldn't bring myself to wake him up cause he looked so dang comfy. lol.

if you travel as a family, slip your DockATot into its travel bag and you're all set.

no need to try and stuff it into your suitcase. 

whether you're using a hotel bed, an unfamiliar friend or family member's bed, the floor, camping in a tent on the ground, (wherever!) your DockATot works like a makeshift piece of home so your little one can get some z's. you too :)  

for a discount on your own DockATot, feel free to use my referral code!

parents, drop your best transitioning tips below:

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