Guac-Bar Greatness

when they're just right. 


sure, i've heard of guacamole bars, but i finally witnessed my very first one in person last week at The Preserve's grand opening! (more on that lata) 


so simple, so genius.  there was a gigantic bowl of ripe, whole, large, hass avocados on one end of this long, rectangular iced table top kinda thing, and a huge bowl of tortilla chips on the other.  several small bowls of toppings galore filled the space in between.  radishes, queso fresco, cilantro, roasted garlic, pico de gallo, jalapeños, red onion, bacon, roasted corn, pecans.... yeah i kinda just stood there for a moment and took it all in. such a fresh, fun idea, right!? 


when it was my turn, the server chose a random avocado from the bowl, sliced it in half, scooped out all the creamy green goodness, added my mile long list of toppings, whipped it all together with one hand like a pro, and put the mixture right back into one of the avocado halves.  



just adorbs


now, if you follow my IG stories then you know i make homemade guac at least once or twice a week.  i keep it super simple and use fresh lime juice and garlic salt to taste. that's it!  today i added some fun toppings just cause i'm clearly still excited about last week's yummy experience.


avocados are incredibly nutritious.  they contain more potassium than a banana, loaded with heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, fiber, and contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals! i keep a ready-made bowl on hand in the fridge and throw a scoop or two on my morning eggs, whatever protein we're chomping on that week, or eat it as a healthy snack with some fresh veggies, plantain, or whole wheat pita chips. such an awesome good fat souce.  go get you some alligator pears!


Q: lime juice or lemon juice!?