breakfast option comin’ at cha!

many of you tell me how you run out of options when it comes to breakfast for your littles or even yourself! try this sweet/savory sammich.


you’ll need:
EGG: it’s totally optional, but I would recommend an egg pan for perfect egg circles that don’t extend past the muffin edges. not everyone is concerned with how the sammich looks (cause it’s all going to the same place, right🙃) but it does make for a beautiful presentation.

ENGISH MUFFIN: i LOVE the sweetness of cinnamon raisin muffins with the savory sammich fillings! you can totally get plain english muffins and just add strawberry or grape jelly too.

BACON: i normally buy this kind when it’s on sale!

CHEESE: my husband accidentally bought this cheese (pictured below) and i totally planned on taking it straight back to get the kind i needed. well, i got lazy lol and decided to just open it and try it and MAN i’m glad i did! it’s amazing and perfect for these breakfast sandwiches.


i mean i guess you could use grape if you wanted to but strawberry is where it’s at guys (don’t fight me on this😝).