knock, knock

it's FITzee Foods, BABY!


my meals arrived right on time yesterday.  i could tell the UPS guy rang the doorbell cause i heard the truck starting and rubber burning as i was coming down the stairs.  they do not play.


soooo, i'm spilling the beans for a third time but via my blog now- i was selected to be a FITzee Foods Ambassador and i gladly accepted the role! you bet.   how could i not?!


when i'm not on my own meal prep game, they are the perfect plan B for our family.  all natural, nutritious, healthy, gluten-free, Paleo friendly, flavorful... yep that's right up our alley.  the Egwuatu family loves and appreciates the FITzee lifestyle! they even have their own bars- FITzee bars.

i'll give them their own love a little later though.


the first thing i cracked open before taking my little guy out for an evening stroll yesterday was the Black Bean Breakfast Bowl.  no way i was waiting for breakfast time.


nitrate free turkey bacon sautéed with black beans, tomatoes and potatoes and served on scrambled egg whites and topped with pepper jack cheese.  and they all come in microwaveable and oven safe containers.  the perfect to-go box.

i had the medium size, so the stats were as follows:


all meal info is listed in the menu section of their site though, so you always know just what you're eating and how much.  it's all there!

head on over to to place your order and tell them Fit Foodie Le sent ya. thanks!


remember those chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cup cakes? of course you do. i just posted them two days ago.  well they were featured on one of my favorite IG accounts, @rippedrecipes! follow'em, then check out their site for more healthy, fit meals.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 4.31.47 PM their recipe database gets bigger and bigger by the DAY.

outty for now!